Enabling makers to design and build kinetic and dynamic air actuated structures and geometries quickly and easily. It's Lego for large scale.

Enabling makers to design and build dynamic air actuated structures quickly and easily.


Are you a maker?

Rapid Kinetics is a toolkit which enables makers to design and build human-scale kinetic structures quickly and easily.

Its like playing with Lego, but in a much larger scale. Just connect the rods and muscles together using the snap-fit joints. Instantly test the design with an intuitive and modular control system.

Obsessively Designed Joints 

Snap fit details

Modular extensions

Watch and learn, fast !

The kit is amazing and has immense potential. But it takes a while to get hang of it. We have been uploading instructional videos to help you get familiar with the kit and its nuances.

The videos are organised in sections to further assist learners plan their path. We are constantly trying to improve the content both in terms of quantity and quality.

Do you like sharing?

We are working on a software platform which enables you to design in digital before going to the physical. If you have come up with an awesome design and feel the need to share it with the world, just upload them on our database so that others can learn from you and your awesomeness.

And before we forget, we are integrating cutting edge machine learning and genetic algorithms to help you design better and fast while learning about all machine learning things.

Our mentors and sponsors-

Interactive Architecture Lab, London

Interactive Architecture Lab, London

Festo UK

Festo UK

University College London, London

University College London, London

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